Subcommittee on Census Data For Transportation Planning
County and City Data Profiles
In November 2001, the Census Bureau released new tables from the Census 2000 Supplementary Survey (C2SS).  The C2SS is a survey of about 700,000 households in 1203 counties across the United States (there are 3,140
counties in the U.S.). The C2SS is part of the American Community Survey, an approach to replacing the decennial census "long form."   The first release of C2SS data (July, 2001) was limited to State figures. The sample size and
sampling allow for reporting by state, and for large counties and cities with populations 250,000 and over.  Reporting by metropolitan areas is available only when all the counties in the metro area were included in the sample. To provide an example of how the C2SS data can be used, the CTPP Working Group created a Journey-to-Work profile sheet for several areas.  These profiles use 1990 CTPP data in addition to the C2SS data.  Because the
Census Bureau has not released sample sizes for the C2SS by city, the profile sheets only show the sample size on the county profiles.  Also, the Census Bureau does not provide an actual count of sampled households from the 1990 Census long form, so an estimate of 1 in 6 households is shown.

The most important differences between the C2SS and the decennial census "long form," is that the C2SS sample does not include population in group quarters (dormitories, military installations, prisons, etc.), and that the
data was collected over a 12-month period.  By excluding qroup quarters' population, "walk to work" is less likely to be reported, thus average travel times may differ from significantly from other reported data which includes group quarters' population.

Transportation Data Profiles for Selected Cities
Phoenix , Arizona
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York
Charlotte, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina

Transportation Profiles for Selected Counties

Los Angeles, Calif.
Volusia, Florida
Bevard, Florida
Broward, Florida
Escambia, Florida
Lee, Florida
Manatee, Florida
Miami-Dade, Florida
Orange, Florida
Palm Beach, Florida
Pasco, Florida
Pinnelas, Florida
Polk, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Semionole, Florida
Cook, Illinois
Montgomery, Maryland
Las Vegas, Nevada
Cumberland, North Carolina
Forsyth, North Carolina
Guilford, North Carolina
Mecklenberg, North Carolina
Wake, North Carolina
Bexar, Texas
Cameron, Texas
Collins, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Denton, Texas
Duval, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Fort Bend, Texas
Harris, Texas
Hidalgo, Texas
Hillborough, Texas
Montgomery, Texas
Nueces, Texas
Travis, Texas
Tarrant, Texas

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