Subcommittee on Census Data for Transportation Planning  A1D08(1)
Meeting Agenda
Hilton Washington Hotel and Towers
Monday 9:00 AM -- January 10, 2000
Farragut Room

1.  Introductions

2.  Mid-year Meeting (Committee Report)
        Ed Christopher, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

3.  Metropolitan Area Standards Review Project (MASRP)
         Jim Fitzsimmons, Chair of MASRP Committee, Census Bureau

4.  American Community Survey
        Chip Alexander, Census Bureau

5.  Census 2000 Supplemental Survey
        Chip Alexander, Census Bureau

6. Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics Project 
        Julia Lane, Census Bureau

7.  Archiving 1980 Journey to Work Packages
        Nandu Srinivasan, Cambridge Systematics Incorporated

8.  CTPP 2000: Tables and Issues (Brief Discussion)
        Session 387 on Wednesday morning will cover the CTPP in depth

9. Open Discussion (Issues for Subcommittee Committee)
        AHS, Research areas, Etc…

10.  Adjourn

CTPP Hotline   202-366-5000
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