Meeting Agenda
Subcommittee on Census Data For Transportation Planning A1D08(1)
Crowne Plaza Hotel 
Seattle,  Washington
Tuesday, July 14, 1998,  10:30 AM

1.0  Statement from the Chair Ed Christopher, Chicago Area Transportation Study
Minutes from January have been produced, the CTPP Planning Group meets regularly, a mail list has been implemented and a customer feedback survey is underway.

2.0  Census 2000 Overview  Bob LaMaccia, Census Bureau--Geography
Will there be a Census? a long form? what questions will be on it?  How are the dress rehearsals going?

3.0  CTPP Package and Purchase Ed Christopher
A great many activities are underway concerning the development of CTPP 2000 including:

     3.1  Table Content Program Elaine Murakami, FHWA--Highway Information

     3.2  Purchase and Cost  Jerry Everett,  FHWA--Metropolitan Planning

4.0  TAZ Definition Program  Elaine Murakami
For the CTPP a new process will be used for MPOs and states to submit their local Traffic Analysis Zones.  Taking advantage of technology, TAZs will be submitted in a GIS format.

5.0  Work Place Geocoding  Jerry Everett
Once the Census is complete, a major task will be to geocode the work place locations.  In past Censuses (1970, 1980 and 1990) there have been improvements in the quality of the work place coding, but greater accuracy and better match rates are essential to the quality of the CTPP.

6.0  Employment Classification Issues for 2000 Ed Limoges, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
The Census Bureau will use a new employment classification system (NAICS) for 2000.  What problems, and what opportunities, does this present for the transportation community?

7.0  American Community Survey Activities Phil Fulton, BTS
While the CTPP gears for the long form the ACS is being tested, a program of bridging to the year 2000 has been identified and, in Portland, research is underway using data from the 1996 Mulnomuth/Portland test.

8.0  Other Issues  Ed Christopher

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