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Welcome to our web site. We hope you find this site fun, informative and above all useful. We are organized under the Committee on Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems of the Transportation Research Board. We are very interested in census data matters as they relate to transportation planning. As a result, our focus spans the entire spectrum of census related activities including applied uses of the data, the content of censuses, collection procedures and dissemination programs all within the context of past, present and future censuses. This site was developed to help provide a forum for those with an interest in transportation planning and census data.
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Guide to Our Census Acronyms & Jargon
   CTPP = Census Transportation Planning Products. Beginning with the implementation of the ACS the last "P" was changed from "Package" to "Products".  This reflects the fact that the CTPP refers to the collection Census data products used by the transportation planning community.  Prior to the implementation of ACS, CTPP 2000 referred to a single package of data also known as the "Journey to Work" Package. In 1980 this data was known as the "UTPP" (Urban Transportation Planning Package), and as the "UTP" (Urban Transportation Package) in the 1970 Census. There was no "Journey to Work" special tabulation from the 1960 Census. Data in these products are provided at the small area of residence, the small area of work, and small area-to-small area commuter flows.  With the change to the ACS there are two main CTPP products, a three-year tabulation using 2006-2008 data and a 5-year tabulation using 06-2010 data.
   PUMS, PUMA = Public Use Microdata Sample, Public Use Microdata Area. The Census Bureau's PUMS program provides individual census records, or microdata, though at fairly large geographic areas. There is a 5-percent PUMS file, based on 5-percent of all census responses, at the regular PUMA level (designated areas of 100,000+ population); and a 1-percent "national" PUMS file, based on 1-percent of all census responses, at the "super PUMA" level (designated areas of 400,000+ population).
   ACS = American Community Survey The Census Bureau's American Community Survey program is intended as the replacement for the standard decennial census long form. This "continuous measurement" program is projected to begin full-scale implementation in January 2003. Large area (65,000+ population) data will be provided annually through the ACS program. Small area (census tract) data are based on an accumulation of five years of ACS data. 
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