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C T P P  TAZ Information
a product of the CTPP Planning Group
This page was put together to help those who are defining their CTPP regions identify which counties have TAZ coverage and which counties do not.  Generally, out of the 3,141 counties 1,453 or 46 percent are divided up into TAZ.  On this page there are three basic links.  The first two links tie to HTML pages that present summaries at a national level.  The third link calls up an excel spread sheet that has a break down for each county by state.

1.  National Overview of TAZ by State.  HTML page

2.  National Break Down by State and County that identifies the agency responsible for defining and/or coordinating the definition of the TAZs. HTML page

3. Get the Spreadsheet for your State and Region!  This is page allows you to download an excel spreadsheet that contains a state by state breakdown by each county (with its FIPS code) identifying which agency submitted the TAZs.  Also included are the spreadsheet versions of the two HTML summary pages shown above. 

    For Help Contact

Clara Reschovsky (Census) 
 PH: 301-763-2454
Nanda Srinivasan   (FHWA) 
PH: 202-366-5021 
Fabian Sanchez
PH: 301-763-2454
CTPP Hotline   202-366-5000

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